The STEAM Edition Series

The STEAM Edition Series features the full 25-project STEAM Edition and 5 supplements.

The STEAM Edition is the inaugural curriculum from publishers Gearbox Labs by authors Isabel Mendiola and Peter Haydock, available now in the online store.  

Starter and Station Bundles are include the a project book. Check out all the STEAM Edition related books and kits the links on this page for more information.  

Online courses are available through the store to complement your learning.

Order the FREE and Premium Digital Resources that support your projects.


25 Project STEAM Edition

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A limited edition second printing is available through our partner at Digi-Key.


6 Project Starter Bundle which steps you through 6 starter projects. Includes the guide and materials for one low price. 


Version En Espanol of the Starter Booklet. Order the 6 Project Starter Bundle and ask for the Spanish Edition


8 Project Sensor Supplement featuring 7 new sensors and an introduction to the graphics environment Processing 



Flight and Weather Guide 


Water Sensor Projects Guide


STEM Data Edition

STEM Data Edition by Isabel Mendiola and Peter Haydock, under development for Spring 2024.

This curriculum features 26 projects that focus on collecting, storing, analyzing and displaying larger data sets. Features will include spreadsheet integration with live data streaming, SD card storage, sending data to an app, and collecting photos and video.

Recommended for grades 7 and up.

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Internet of Things Edition

Internet of Things Edition by Isabel Mendiola and Peter Haydock, available now in the online store.

The curriculum features 25 Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS projects that use the new ESP32. Under development for 2 years, the curriculum features new sensors, using App, embedding HTML in the C++ of Arduino, and more. 

Station, Completion and Training Kits available from the store.

Recommended for grades 7 and up.

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